5 Productivity Tips for Startups!

Starting a business is never really easy. Fact. And with the overwhelming workloads startup CEOs face, it can be hard to remain focused and productive. Here are some excellent tips that will help you prioritise the important things and source the help you need for the little things that can be time and money stealers.


  1. Set smart, specific goals with your partners

Agreeing on a small, specific number of goals will not only make sure that you and your partners are on the same page, it will also make it easier for you, your partners and your team to handle the ever shifting priorities that are so typical for emerging startups.


  1. Schedule regular team briefs

Whether daily or weekly, it is important to have these meetings consistently scheduled and set in stone so that everybody in your startup joins them. This will keep your team aware of the company’s performance and status. Also, listening to your team, seeing their emotions and body language as well as giving them continuous feedback is an extremely important practice to cultivate so as to keep your company united and moving in the same direction.


  1. Be open!

A great idea is to hold monthly, all-hands meetings where each team leader and partner shares and celebrates their top successes…and discusses their failures. By doing the latter as a group, you can make failing forward one of your core company values.


  1. Keep it healthy 

In recent years, the work around the clock, take your work home way of life has been giving way to a greater emphasis on maintaining a healthy work life balance. Reading, exercising daily and staying in touch with family and friends are not essential to keeping your mind and body healthy, they also help keep your work productivity levels up.


  1. It’s the little things that matter

At Gray Office Park we understand that time and money – as precious as they are can often be in short supply particularly at the initial stages of your business. It can be almost impossible to stay on top of all your sales calls, incoming post and voicemails and yet having a dedicated secretary may not be financially feasible. Enter the Virtual Office and assistant. Having a virtual office gives you access to a wealth of invaluable resources including a unique, phone line specific to your geographic location, a prestigious local address, a dedicated assistant who will answer calls in your company name, sort your post, take care of your voicemails etc without the often high costs of renting an office space and hiring a secretary.


We hope this article has been helpful and would love to help you with the day to day running of your business. Find out more about Gray Office Park’s Virtual Office, Call Answering and Boardroom Hire services by clicking the contact button below.

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