The All Important Follow Up

Picture the scenario – you’ve reached out, taken the time and risk (to a certain degree) to make contact with a potential client you recently met by way of an email and…nothing. You can practically see the tumbleweed drifting past your inbox. Despite feeling frustrated, annoyed and even ignored, you still need to send a follow up mail call after your initial contact – and we have some great tips on how to do just that!


  1. Find THEIR passion

On average, office workers receive about 121 emails a day. So breaking through the clutter of those mails is an essential part of getting a response from your recipient. Appealing to their passions or even finding something you have in common and alluding to it in your follow up can be a great way of getting their attention and a subsequent response from them.


  1. It’s not what you think!

If you don’t get an immediate response to your first mail, don’t take it personally. In fact, if you can at all, assume the best as nine times out of ten, there is a very simple and harmless reason why your recipient hasn’t responded. Nevertheless, politely bring it to their attention that you are awaiting a response especially if you have a deadline and remember, life happens so always give your recipient the benefit of the doubt.


  1. Change it up a little…

And by that we mean try varying the times you send your follow up mails so that you can see if one time of day is better than another for receiving a response.


  1. 3 Strikes and you’re out

This one is REALLY simple. Before you give up, follow up at least 3 times with your contact leaving a one to two week gap between messages so you don’t look like you’re harassing them. And just like in baseball – three strikes and you’re out!

  1. Give them an easy exit

If your follow up mails have failed to elicit a response from the person you are trying to make contact with after several weeks, it might be time to gently let them off the hook. In your ‘break up’ mail, so to speak :

  1. a) Acknowledge you are aware they are busy
  2. b) Let them know that you do not want to continue contacting them especially of they have decided to move in a different direction and
  3. c) Keep your door open by letting them know you will be happy to resume your conversation with them should they ever decide to make contact with you again.

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