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Keep Your Business Active Through the Summer Months

For a lot of businesses, a summer slump in ┬ásales and staff productivity is virtually inevitable. But that needn’t be the case. In fact, summer can be an ideal time to grow your business in these unique ways…

Host a Party!

Who doesn’t love a good party?! So why not celebrate and thank your customers with an open house event or a fun get together like our sister company Call Pal? It’s a great way of reinforcing current client relationships as well as networking with potential clients in an informal atmosphere. Summer is also an ideal time to get to know your team better and let them know they are appreciated through social outings.

The Gratitude Attitude

More often than not, we wait until the festive season to show gratitude to clients. You can turn the summer season into a season of gratitude where you send clients a note pr call them to say, ‘thank you.’ Life for everyone. Making the time to show your appreciation for your clients goes a long way and will set you apart from other businesses from a customer service point of view.

Summer Promotions

The retail industry is always awash with sales and special offers during the summer. You can take your cue from the retail sector and offer your clients reductions on your product offerings if they refer a friend to your business. A promotion like this may or may not be successful but it’s worth giving it a go. If the promotion generates new or increased business, you can make adjustments to it and repeat it during the winter months.

Get Flying… or Roadtripping

The summer season allows you more freedom to get out of the office for the purposes of business development as well as your own professional development. You can take business related trips that you may not have time to during the rest of the year to visit clients in person that are out of town. Another fantastic idea is to attend conferences, trade shows or industry related events that you mightn’t usually be able to attend.

Get a Head Start

Get ahead by getting your head down during any down times in the summer. You can work on and complete projects that you may have had to put on hold earlier in the year. By getting on top of all your work during the summer you can assure that you a ready for a busier winter schedule and get the jump on your competition.

Face To Face

Summer tends to turn more people into social butterflies and whilst technology has the ability to connect us in seconds, meeting face to face with your clients is still an invaluable exercise. If your business is very mobile in nature, you may benefit from the intermittent hire of meeting rooms in your local area. A great example of this are The Meeting Rooms at Gray Office Park ideally located in Galway City Centre and supplying clients with free parking, free wifi, professional reception services and much more.

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