English, French, Body Language…

Almost everyone would love to study / speak a second language – and preferably a romantic one at that like French or Italian. But what about one of the most single important languages to your business – body language… Learning how to read body language will not only help you connect with people but it also has the capacity to increase your business exponentially….


  1. Double your business

Simple fact – accurately recognising, analysing and adapting to someone’s body language can make or break your business. For example – blindly continuing with a sales pitch or presentation without noticing that your prospect has folded their arms, interlocked their ankles and turned their torso away from you can literally kill that and future meetings with them. Learning to address negative body language in particular can save your meeting and the deal that comes with it. In the long run, this make you A LOT of money.


  1. Ward off conflict

Anger and feelings brought on by being upset initiates a special type of body language. Learning and identifying defensive body language and nonverbal anger enables you to detect when your conversational partner is getting upset before it escalates. Effectively this means that you could stop numerous fights or negative comments dead in their tracks with the proper insight into body language.


  1. Know Thyself…and Improve Your Presence

By studying body language, you also learn about your own presence i.e. the kinds of signals you are sending out, how other people perceive you, what they make of your posture. Having knowledge of body language helps you notice your own body language, giving you the opportunity to change it. You can also use body language to change the way you feel. For instance, standing with your chest expanded and head held high for 2 minutes will help you get your energy back if you are feeling slightly depressed or listless as well as increase your self-confidence.


  1. Open Up Your World

Have you ever considered buying a new car? Have you noticed that once you have a firm idea of the model you want, you suddenly start seeing them everywhere! Question : has the car been sold hundreds of times since you made up your  mind? Probably not. What has changed is that your brain has been told to look for it and therefore points out every single occurrence of the car. The same thing happens with body language. In 30 minutes, people can send over 800 nonverbal signals. By learning body language you can tell your brain to actively know what to look for and you’ll be amazed at how much you suddenly see.


  1. Better connection with people

Studies vary but apparently 60-93% of all our communication is through body language. We mostly go through life placing greater importance on what we say as opposed to how we say it. The truth is, learning body language will help you expand your communication abilities. If you pick up on tiny gestures the other person makes you can understand them better which leads to a better connection with the existing or potential client you are speaking to.


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