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How to Choose Your Office Space….Wisely

Choosing an office may seem like a simple thing to do but the reality is, it is very important to your business. Where you decide to base your company will have a large bearing on your daily operations, your brand image as well as staff morale. As a general rule, there are 5 main factors you should consider when choosing office space to avoid disappointment…


1. Size Matters

The recommended amount of spacer per person for an office is usually 70 square feet per person. Only you, however, know your business inside out. Therefore, if your employees need bigger desks or more storage, you will need to adjust the spacial figure accordingly. And what about meeting and rest space? At the end of the day, you need space to meet with your clients as well as a space to eat lunch. When it comes to knowing whether or not the offices you’re viewing are the right size, ask yourself:

a) Do  have the space to grow staffing levels in line with predicted company growth.

b) Will I have at least 70 square feet of floor space per person?

c) Do I have a dedicated, private space to meet with clients?

d) Will my employees be happy with the social areas?

Offices that are cramped and cluttered reduce productivity so try not to skimp on the floor space.


2. Location

The old adage location, location, location drives hone the importance of where your office is situated. When picking a location for your new office, you need to ask yourself,

a) Can my clients access the premises easily?

b) Can my employees access the premises easily?

If you find offices that meet these two requirements, then you’re on the right track when it comes to finding a good location. Security would be another thing to take into consideration and even nearby attractions such as a gym, coffee shop etc. These are all things that will keep your clients and your staff happy.


3. What’s Your Price?

Price is probably of the utmost importance to most businesses looking for office space, Spend too little and you’ll end up with an office you’re unhappy with and possibly moving out after a few months. Spending too much could see you struggling to pay the rent or, again, moving to downsize. Neither of these cases are ideal. So how do you calculate how much to spend on your next office. You’ll need to consider

a) Can I afford to pay a 3 month deposit on the office immediately?

b) Have I asked about any hidden costs?

Question a) gives an overall idea of affordability and asking about hidden costs will make sure you’re not being hit with unexpected charges you’ve not budgeted for.


4. Infrastructure

This has become a more important feature for businesses. For instance, there are very few businesses that can function smoothly without a reliable internet connection. Most offices, especially fully serviced or managed offices include internet access in their rental. Should you decide to lease in a private location, you’ll need to factor in the cost of getting an internet line connected as well as subsequent monthly payments. Quality and dependablility of the service matter as paying for a service that is constantly dropping out or can’t support your business on a busy day is pointless. But internet is only one part of infrastructure – what about postal services and phone connections. For a business that is more mobile phone based, the latter may not be as great a concern but receiving your post is still vitally important for signed documents and other physical items. You can confirm whether or not the infrastructure of the offices you are thinking about moving into are sufficient by:

a) Making sure you have included the cost of any internet access into the price.

b) Confirming whether or not the office has a dedicated postal service.

c) Doing a speed test to make sure the internet service is adequate. This is a simple way of getting real data to answer your question.


5. Styling

Getting the business basics right when searching for your new office is important but there is still a lot to be said for office style, especially if your company as a brand they need to protect or hope you hope to become a brand.If Apple has grand plans, why should you be any different. If styling is important to building your business brand, then you need to make sure that your office provider will allow you to customise or brand your office and whether there is an additional charge associated with this. You also need to be sure that the space you are in is one you would be proud to have seen on your website and other social channels. If you can’t customise your space and / or you wouldn’t be proud to have your office space seen publicly, you may need to reconsider your choice. If you are building a brand, your office space should appropriately compliment it.


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