GOP Blog 10 Feb 17

Marketing Your Startup Through Your Website

Turning your website views into paying customer converts


An increase in traffic to your website and growing your email list are both great things – but if that traffic remains just that and doesn’t become a list of paying customers, then your website is not really helping you build a successful business. If you’re finding it tough to convert your visitors into customers, here are some tips that will help you convert page viewers into paying clients.


  1. Offer a discount

People can be reluctant to buy because the price of your product or service may seem too high. A good work-around for this is offering a carefully timed, exit-intent pop-up that provides potential customers with an exclusive discount once they sign up to your email list. You can even put a clever slant on your discount by offering a coupon that can be brought into your physical shop to buy a particular item. This can also be useful for customers who aren’t ready to buy from you immediately as once you have their email, you can easily remind them of the items they have left in their shopping cart. By encouraging them to use their discount coupon, you could speed up the completion of their outstanding purchase.


  1. Video killed the radio star…

Creating a short video that shows your product in use or even gives insight into how it’s made, can help to overcome the difficulty of customers not being able to potentially seem touch or feel your product. Videos on your site will give visitors a more comprehensible image of your products so they know what to expect. It is important that any recorded are of the highest possible quality with plenty of light as well as the benefits of the product being clearly demonstrated.


  1. Talk the talk

Live Chat – undoubtedly this is one of the best ways to turn passing website visitors into paying customers as you have the power to step in before a wavering customer decides to abandon their purchase. Starting a chat with them will certainly grab their attention as well as give you an opportunity to answer all of their questions, address their concerns and even render product suggestions that will best cater to their needs. You may even have the chance to guide them through the buying and checkout process, which is sure to leave a positive impression and greatly increase the likelihood of them returning to your website and making repeat purchases.


  1. The Power of FAQs

After a period of time in your business, you will notice that customers will have a number of questions relating to your product. Not only that, you’ll find the same questions coming up on a regular basis. It’s a good idea to collate these questions to form a FAQ section on your site that will address future customers’ concerns and questions before they make a purchase. And as wonderful as Live Chat is, a dedicated FAQ section on your website is easier to put in place and doesn’t require constant monitoring.


  1. Running low on stock? Publicise it!

Allow us to explain – most people hate to miss a great offer. If a certain item you sell is low in stock or there is a time limit on a service you provide, be sure to publicise this on your site. By giving your visitors an urgent ‘Call to Action’, they will know they stand to miss a golden opportunity to make an excellent purchase if they don’t jump on it immediately. This definitely isn’t a new sales plan, but it’s rarely used and could be worth implementing on your website occasionally. Keep in mind though that this sales strategy only works if it is actually true. A limited time offer given for an indefinite period of time renders you untrustworthy to your clients and ultimately leaves a dent in your business’s reputation.


  1. Testimonials

Gushing testimonials from past clients and customers should be shown conspicuously on your website. Why? Because it proves to reluctant buyers that their money will be well spent and drive them much closer to finalising their purchase.


  1. Utilise Case Studies

Showing how a product you sell or service you provide helped a customer achieve their goals or solve a problem can be what seals the deal for a visitor to your website. Case studies clearly outline the process you used and gives customers an insight into how your product is used and what it can do.


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