Meeting Room Blog Post GOP 17 Feb 17

Graduating your business from Coffee Shop to The Meeting Rooms @ Gray Office Park

It is a universally accepted fact that almost every 21st Century entrepreneur has had many a meeting upon starting their business in their local coffee shop. And it makes sense to do this for a number of reasons – great coffee and free Wifi are just some of the perks that can be attributed to the much loved coffee shop meeting. So why would you want to move your business meetings from the much adored coffee shop to a building with dedicated meeting rooms you ask?

  1. In a coffee shop setting wifi can be tricky at the best of times which can have the knock on effect of jeopardising any online presentations you may need to give as part of your meeting, Skype calls etc. This has the potential to make you look somewhat unprofessional to the person you are trying to engage.
  2. Granted, you have control over the time and place you decide to have your meeting. But you have no control over who or what will be there when you get there and this can lead to both you and being very distracted. Also, the fact that you are in a public place puts the privacy of your meeting at risk.
  3. The often casual surroundings of a coffee shop can take away from the professional image you will undoubtedly want your business to have.

So what is the solution? Whether your business is based in the Galway locale or visiting the area, The Meeting Rooms at Gray Office Park could be the perfect solution for you. Booking one of our high end meeting rooms gives you and your business access to a wealth of benefits including:

  1. A central Galway location with free onsite parking for both you and your clients.
  2. Professional reception services to greet your clients on arrival and usher them to our comfortable waiting areas which immediately gives your business a professional image.
  3. Secluded boardrooms that will give both you and your clients the privacy you need.
  4. The Meeting Rooms at Gray Office Park are fitted to the highest specifications and include telephone services, Smart TVs, white boards and seating for 6-8 people.
  5. In addition to the facilities within our meeting rooms, clients also have access to a printer and photocopier as well as tea and coffee (yes, we said the magic word!) on site.
  6. A thriving hub that hosts a variety of businesses.
  7. A highly competitive booking rate of €15 ex VAT per hour. And should you become a virtual office client of ours, you get a 10% discount on all your meeting room bookings.

So why not take your business to the next level and give us a call on (091) 511 400 to view or book our meeting rooms.

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