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Getting ‘Mind Fit’ for 2017


We may be more than half way through January, but it’s not too late to look back on the previous year, take stock of what went well and what didn’t and decide what the next step going forward is for you. It’s an important process particularly because drifting through life can lead to a victim mentality and stagnation. Truth be told, it takes a lot of mental fortitude, self-love and discipline to create the life you want. So how do you become ‘mind fit’ for the year ahead? Read on to find out…


  1. The Decluttering

This seems to be a running theme when it comes to reinforcing mental clarity. As we said in our last blog post, messy surroundings generally equal a messy mind. If you are anxious, stressed or even depressed, chances are, you will feel far better when you start cleaning your physical space.


  1. Food, Glorious Food!

Often, the ‘fitness’ of your mind has a direct link your diet. Memory loss and low concentration can be greatly improved by ‘cleaner’ nutrition that includes foods rich in Omega 3 and fruits such as blackberries and blueberries. You’ll be pleased to hear that brain boosting foods include chocolate (dark of course!) and guacamole (avocados).


  1. Colour it in!

Yes, you read that correctly. Get on the adult colouring book bandwagon because it’s a good one to be on. The repetitive action of colouring enters one into a meditative state thus providing relief from stress and anxiety. According to leading clinical psychologist, Dr Sanam Hafeez, not everyone will be able to relax by sitting and breathing for 15 mins – but they can certainly colour! And it’s a fun way to achieve mindfulness and shake off the day.


  1. Let’s get moving

Setting high fitness goals at the beginning of the year leave you wide open to giving up early. And this can have detrimental effects on your self-esteem. Set yourself reachable daily goals. An example would be aiming to walk 10,000 steps a day and monitoring your progress daily using a cheap or free step counting app.


  1. Let it go, let it goooo…

We apologise for the song reference but it is true that forgiveness is a fast track to mental fitness. Hanging onto resentment, guilt and shame will affect you negatively on a mental level and can even lead to physical illness. Whatever you went through last year, seek forgiveness or forgive and move on. Forgiveness does not in any way excuse the behaviours that hurt you – but it does free you and the other person making moving forward much easier.


  1. Try New Things

It sounds like a cliché but a great way to challenge your brain is by learning something new like yoga, cooking, painting…even salsa if you’re brave enough! As Dr Hafeez states, ’the more we can activate the cognitive functions of our brains, the better our short and long-term memory and hand-eye co-ordination will be.


We hope this post has inspired you to get healthier and stronger in your mind in 2017. Why not let us help you get ‘business fit’ with our serviced and virtual office services. Interested? Give us a call on (091) 511 400 for more information.


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