Pro-Tech Conservation Solutions

Pro-Tech Conservation Solutions

Pro-Tech Conservation Solutions is a family run business owed by Declan and Kevin Butler.
Kevin manages the carpentry and construction side of the business ( and Declan manages the conservation side of the business.

Pro-Tech provides a complete eco-friendly solution for dampness and timber problems in all types of buildings. They provide services to home owners, building contractors and construction professionals in historic and modern buildings. Their success is due to our range of treatments, technology and methods which have evolved through continuous research and development and analysis of case histories over 30 years. They provide a 20 year guarantee on all our work.

The Company’s reputation for professional excellence and customer satisfaction is the result of a philosophy to which they are strongly committed. This commitment is underlined by staff led customer care programme which establishes and maintains outstanding performance standards and they continue to improve their service to the industry through the adoption of cutting edge environmental technology and treatments.

They recently set up “Mould Solutions”. This is a division within the company that specialise in mould and condensation problems in properties. In recent times, due to increased levels of insulation in walls and roofs along with efforts to achieve air tightness, ventilation of modern properties has become more of an issue. When a property does not have adequate natural ventilation, condensation and mould problems will occur. Mould Solutions use modern, energy and cost effective systems to resolve any ventilation problems within your property.

Pro-Tech specialise in the following areas,

o Damp proofing
o Rising damp
o Penetrating damp

o Timer infestation
o Dry Rot
o Wet Rot
o Wood boring insects

o Mould and condensation
o Positive input ventilation systems
o In line ventilation systems

o Water proofing
o Basement water proofing
o Cavity drain membranes
o Water proof tanking

o Façade treatment
o Facade Cleaning
o Repair works
o Pointing
o Water repellent

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As part of their service, they will carry out a site survey, issue a report, list their recommendations and provide costs for any remedial works required.

If you require any further information please contact:

Galway: 091 393460
Dublin: 01 2923030

Declan Butler: 087 6498621
Kevin Butler: 087 8182969
Ger Butler: 086 1747430