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What to Do When Office Space Is Difficult To Find

Finding the ideal office space for your business can be a long winded process especially given that commercial properties to rent are quite scarce. A great interim solution is a virtual office, particularly a virtual office that is based in a central city office facility. So what can a virtual office provide your business as you transition from what is more than likely a self managed home office to your own office space?

  1. Image

With a full range of reception services to choose from including call answering, diary management and mail handling, a virtual office will project the professional, competent image you want your business to have. And with these services at your disposal, your business will immediately inherit the influence and gravitas of a well established organisation.


2. Economy

The conventional costs associated with an onsite office such as staff wages, rent, rates, heating, electricity etc are far higher than those related to engaging the services of a well run virtual office. An added bonus is that, with a virtual office, you only pay for the services you use which means significant financial savings for your business.


3. Location

The best virtual offices are usually housed in key business areas in major cities. In addition, many of these facilities will have meeting rooms on site that you can avail of for meetings with your clients. Gray Office Park offer The Meeting Rooms @ Gray Office Park to virtual office clients at a discounted rate. Find out more about The Meeting Rooms at Gray Office Park HERE.


4. Powerful Market Insights

Being able to predict how your business will hold up in an often saturated and fickle marketplace is a great position to be in. Your long term plan may be to have a physical office in a city centre location but in the initial stages of your business, this can be an overwhelming cost. A virtual office can be an ideal fit for your organisation whilst you areĀ ‘testing the market waters’ so to speak. And it may turn out that a virtual office is an excellent long term solution for your organisation.


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