Why office space is important for your business…

Deciding to move your business away from home or off the road has a timing element to it. The ‘Is it time to get an office yet’ question is a tricky one as a n office is likely to become one of the largest overheads in your business. It is fundamentally an investment. With that in mind, a better question to ask might be, ‘What other non-financial benefits am I going to get from a great office space?’ Here are some answers to that very question…

  1. Out with the PJs and into routine

If you are a CEO running a business with a team of any size, routine is vital. Yes, being able to work from home or remotely from time to time is a good idea for your general happiness and productivity, however, knowing that you are scheduled to be in the office for a meeting or making sure you are at the daily team brief is a great way to increase your motivation. And let’s face it – watching funny goat videos on Youtube when you’re feeling bored or lazy can be very tempting. So being in an office environment with people around you who are busy can help to keep you focused. Choosing what wear (not your jammies!), leaving the house at a set time and getting your morning coffee are all parts of a routine and help you to separate home from work. Coming to the office with a flexible ‘work from home option’ helps remove cognitive fatigue as a schedule is set that demands very little decision making activity.

2. Let’s get Cultured

The space you are in ultimately shapes your company culture. Your environment only plays second fiddle to your team and how your office is designed sends a direct message about your company values and ethos. Open plan interiors are ideal for encouraging your team to believe they are inhabiting a space that encourages innovation and collaboration.

3. Communication 

Whilst technology has made the global business world smaller through tools like Skype and Hangouts, the truth is, building a business with a remotely with a team is hard work and only gets you so far. The risk of certain things being lost in translation increases the more remotely you communicate with your team. By meeting with a person you take the guesswork out of understanding their facial expressions, body language etc. Albert Mehrabian’s research reveals that there are 3 main elements that contribute to communication when someone is expressing their feelings : words only account for 7%, the tone of voice accounts for 38% and body language accounts for a massive 55%. Bottom line – so much of the information we relay to other people is done through body language. So if you are a new leader, manager or company founder, you may struggle to get your passion across and persuade more experienced people to buy into your business and try it out. By inhabiting an office space that enables you and your team to talk more frankly and openly, you remove any obstacles to getting ideas from your head into someone else’s.

4. A home away from home

We spend a staggering 1,920 hours per year on average in the office. It sounds scary but it is true. It is therefore vital that you work in a happy environment. That happiness emanates from 3 crucial things :

a) Working in a field you are passionate about with

b) people that you like in

c) a place where you feel comfortable.

The habits, routines, friendships and daily flow that your office helps develop in your life are remarkable, even life altering. Office spaces can and should be like your second home – they should be spaces where you can unleash your creativity and express your humanity.


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