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Sleepless Server Solutions is an online, cloud and datacenter services company based in Galway, Ireland that specialises in the supply, delivery and management of online infrastructure and data storage solutions to companies in every industry vertical across the globe.  At Sleepless, we believe in commitment to service delivery excellence and it is this commitment which allows Sleepless to stand out as the partner of choice.

The key benefit of partnering with Sleepless is that we allow our customers to concentrate on managing their business rather than their IT systems.  Traditional “non-cloud” IT systems require significant investment and maintenance along with choosing the right technologies. Sleepless helps to remove this burden.

Sleepless has partnerships with all leading global IT providers including Microsoft, VMware, Dell, IBM, Fortinet, and other industry leading vendors, and we believe in selecting the “best-of-breed” solutions to fit the client.

Sleepless is registered with the Irish Data Protection Commissioner, Reg Num: 12761/A

Sleepless  has  a  wide  range  of  skills  sets  throughout  our  team  of  engineers  who  hold  accreditations  in technologies from vendors such as Microsoft, VMware, HP, Dell, etc.

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