Christmas Shopping 101

December 2016 – it’s almost impossible to believe that the Festive season is already upon us along with the inevitable and sometimes daunting task that is Christmas Shopping. If you haven’t started checking off your list, we’ve a fool proof plan to keep you on budget and on track when you do decide to brave the elements (and the crowds) to get your friends and loved ones their precious presents.


First Thing’s First

It may seem obvious, but with the rush of the season it can be very easy to head out shopping either on an empty stomach or grab something quick like a bagel, doughnut or sugary cereal. The problem is, quick fix, sugary breakfasts lead to crashing blood sugars which in turn make it very difficult to shop sensibly and practically. The solution? Plan to have a breakfast loaded with protein, fibre and healthy fats. Suggestions? Good old fashioned oats or an omelette are always good ways to go. Keep it simple and you can’t go wrong.


DO dress up…..just a little 😉

As tempting as it sounds, tracksuit bottoms and runner might not be the best outfit option for your Christmas shopping. Why? It can leave you feeling slightly insecure especially if you’re bumping into friends and family (which, let’s face it, is bound to happen in smaller Irish cities), or are just surrounded by people who are dressed in their nicest smart/casual outfits. The solution? Opt for something stylish like cute flats, comfy ankle or knee high boots and an on trend warm top or jumper that boosts your self-confidence.


Revamp your playlist

Believe it or not listening to songs that are not necessarily Christmassy (apologies to all of you who live your Christmas tunes!) and are faster than your resting heart rate which is usually around 70 beats per minute will keep you moving quickly and efficiently through those often very tempting shops.


Be discount savvy

Ahead of your Christmas shopping trip, it can be a good idea to download apps from your favourite retailers or keep an eye on their websites for information on the latest sale and seasonal discounts.


All by myself!

Yep…..we would suggest you head out solo as opposed to doing a joint Christmas shopping trip with your friend for the simple that we tend to mimic our friends. Which means if your friend is splashing out on their Christmas shopping, you’re likely to as well. Plus, if you dedicate one day to your shopping, your schedule becomes more open giving you more time to meet family and friends for lunch, dinner coffee etc at our leisure over the Festive Season.


Go cheap first

Buy your less expensive gifts first as this will keep your brain focused on what is a good price for the presents you are buying.


Do lunch….and a little inexpensive treat for yourself

Stick with the ‘keeping yourself out of the hangry zone’ plan and recharge with a protein rich salad or wrap for lunch. AND, while you’re at it, why not give yourself an inexpensive treat like a mini manicure. (Yes, you are worth it!)


Skip the lines….and get out as quick as you can!!!

When paying for your purchases, try to do so in less crowded areas like the menswear department. And then, when you’re done with your Christmas shopping, resist the temptation to linger in your favourite stores by heading home for a relaxing night in that includes loads of Christmas telly, a glass of wine (or two…wink!!) of wine and your favourite takeaway.


We hope you have a super time as you head out on the town to do your Christmas shopping. To keep up to date with all our Christmas fun, follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Google+!

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